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Nylon Collars
Nylon Collars, Leashes Dog Halters & Harnesses
Made in a variety of
beautiful colors of nylon strap.
A1. Water Tube (Glass)    Only $2.00 Each
  A2-5. 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz. & 32 oz. Water Bottle (White Plastic)    Only $2.50 - $5.00 Each
Bottle Size
Dog Training
Agitation Collars, Muzzles & Harnesses,
30 ft. Tracking Lines, Scent Squares,
Martingale Style Choke Collars That Buckle On,
Show Number Holders, Wide No Chew Collar,
Tracking, Pulling & Cart Harnesses,
Cat Muzzles & Slip On Muzzles.
A6-7. Bottle Guard & Holder For 8 oz. & 18 oz. Bottle (Aluminum)
Bottle Size
Bargain Basement
Closeouts & Discontinued Items
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Leather Collars
Leather Collars, Leashes & Spike Collars
are handmade from top quality leather
(Soft but Strong) in burgundy & black.
We specialize in Braided Leashes &
Mini Spike Collars for little dogs.
Canine Connections
Links to other pet orientated
web sites.
Pet Clothes
Pet Clothes
For your most fashionable pet.
Dog Panties (for female dogs in season),
Boy Belts (for males that mark or leak),
Fashion Hats & Bandanas, Railroad Hats,
Leather Biker Dog Hats & Bandanas,
Leather Biker Dog Vests, Leather Coats,
Fleece Dog Coats, All Weather Dog Coats,
Sun Visor, Straw Cowboy Hat, Dog Gun,
Bow Ties, Pooch Pouch (dog carrier).
Christmas Gifts For Your Pet
Santa Hats & Coats, Christmas Bandannas,
Fleece, Vinyl, Rope and Latex Toys,
& Personalized Christmas Stockings
  A17. Hamster Ball. Put Your Hamster In It
  And Let Him Run About The House.   7" Diameter
Only $5.25 Each
A18. Metal Hamster Exercise Wheel Only $5.00 Each
7.5" High   With A 6.5" Dia. X 3.5" Wide Wheel.
Misc. Items
Chain Choke Collars,
Prong Training Collars,
Chain Leads, Tie Chains
Tie Stakes, Plastic Bowls,
Fleece Braid & Rope Toys.
A19. Metal Ferret Or Guinea Pig Wheel Only $13.25 Ea.
12.5" High   With An 10.75" Dia. X 5" Wide Wheel.
A20. Small Animal Harness. Figure 8 Style With Leash.
Color Animal
Only $5.00Each
A21. Small Animal Lead. Has Slip On Collar And 6 ft. Leash.
Color Animal
Only $3.75 Each
Embroidered Clothing
For Horse Lovers
Embroidered Clothing
For Dog Lovers

Fleece Jackets, Hooded Sweat Shirts,
Night Shirts, Baseball Caps & Tote Bags.
Customized With Your Horses's Breed &
Name, Your Name Or Farm Name.


A22. Plastic Hamster House.   5" L x 3.25" W x 3.5" H    Only $2.00 Each
Halloween Costumes
Witch & Devil Suits
Give Your Dog A Bewitching Appearance.
Bunny Ears & Accessories.
A24-25. Grass Finch Nest. Size 4" x 4" $2.50   Size 5" x 6" $4.15
Pet ID Tags
Pet ID Tags
10 different styles of tags.
With an On-Line Order Form.
A26-27. Open Bird Nest. 4" Diamenter $1.50   5" Diamenter $2.00Each
Racing Fashions
Numbered Ball Caps & Bandannas,
Cool Sunglasses.
For A Day At The Car Races.
A30. 6oz. Bird Seed Cup. (Plastic)           Only $1.75 Each
A31. 6" To 8" Cuttle Bone. (No Hanger)     Only 75¢ Each
Visit our friendly doggie staff
fashionably dressed for the season
in our products
  A34. Pine Bedding. (1 1/2 lbs. Poly Bag)     Only $1.00 Each
Canine Camera
Canine Camera
Pictures of our customers
sent in by their owners.
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Updated May 25 2020

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